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~Click here to read "Sasuke's Inner Demon"~

Dance, Dance

I love Naruto!

sasuke and sakura about to kiss.

Naruto is a show about ninjas, they fight each other, they kill each other (occasionally >_<), blah blah blah.

sakura begging sasuke not to fight.

naruto -x- sakura
I usually support Sakura / Sasuke, but this pic's cute.

Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake are HOTT!!



My number one fave character is Sasuke, of course, but my other faves are:

gaara  /  shukaku
Sabaku no Gaara

Hyuga Neji

Inuzuka Kiba

But, really, my top 10 faves are:

1.  Sasuke Uchiha

2.  Neji Hyuga

3.  Kiba Inuzuka

4.  Kankuro

5.  Kakashi Hatake

6.  Rock Lee

7.  Sakura Haruno

8.  Hayate Gekko

9.  Hinata Hyuga

10.Sabaku no Gaara

As I have said before, I have my first Naruto fanfic, "Sasuke's Inner Demon" completed.  It's pretty long, so it's taking me a while to type it (it was originally handwritten).  So that means it might not be up on the site for a while.  But after it is, I just want you guys to know that there's a sequel (even with the ending of the first fanfic being so...well, I guess you'll hafta see ^_^).  But I have the "back cover" of Sasuke's Inner Demon typed up.

~~~~~~~~Sasuke’s Inner Demon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



In order to prepare himself for a match with Naruto, Sasuke has been training in the woods near the Leaf Village.  Unfortunately for him, someone else has been coming to the woods everyday – a vampire!  When he is captured by the vampiress, he also gets bitten by her.  As Sasuke slowly begins to change into a vampire, can he trust himself to be near Sakura and Naruto, especially when blood is shed?  Or will he be forced to live in the forest, alone, for an eternity?


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~Sakura’s Love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Before, Sasuke wouldn’t give Sakura the time of day.  But now, he has developed a strange, demonic alter ego that loves her!  When Sasuke warns Sakura that his “inner demon”  is using her for blood, can she resist Demon Sasuke?  Or will his charm and charisma seduce her?

Update:  Fanfic can now be found at  Enjoy!

Totally random mini joke fanfic!
This is what would happen if Sakura tried to become a comedian.

Naruto Jokes


Yo mamma jokes

Sakura: Hey Naruto, your momma's so-

Naruto: I don't have a mother.

Sakura: ....

Sakura: Sasuke, your momma's so-

Sasuke: My mother's dead.

Sakura: Um...heh...


Knock-knock jokes

Sakura: Hey, Sasuke, knock-knock!

Sasuke: What?

Sakura: You're supposed to say "Who's there?"

Sasuke: Why? I know who's there. I can see you.

Sakura: ....*sigh*

Sakura: Hey, Naruto, knock-knock!

Naruto: Huh? Did someone just knock at the door??

Sakura:'s me, you moron!

Naruto: Woah...who are you here and at the door at the same time?

Sakura *sweatdrop*: Nevermind.


"What do you get when..." jokes

Sakura: Sasuke, what do you get when you cross a woman with an elephant?

Sasuke: Nothing. Humans and elephants can't produce offspring together. It's physically impossible.

Sakura: ....

Sakura; Okay, Naruto, what do you get when you cross a woman with an elephant?


Sakura: What did you just say?!?!

Naruto: Uh...heh heh...OW!



Sakura: Forget it! *to sasuke* You're too factual, *to naruto* and you're too stupid! I give up!!

( Sakura leaves.)

Naruto: Oh, yeah! We got her good this time!

( Sasuke and Naruto hi-five each other.)





I have a new fanfic called "Sasuke's Inner Demon".
It's weird because it combines two of my favorite things, Naruto and Vampires!
It's sorta like...Sasuke goes into the woods near their village to train for a match with Naruto. He gets attacked by a girl named Haruka (^_^) who is madly in love with him. But she is a vampire. And she bites him. Since vampires feel no emotion, Sasuke loses all feeling. So, Sakura (who is there when it happens), is, like, horrified because she knew he didn't love her before, but now he can't love her at all. Then he struggles to be normal but everytime he sees ninja fighting or something, he gets all weird cause he can smell their blood. But he still tries to keep a small hope that the girl was just a nutcase and that hasn't really turned into a vampire. But he starts changing fully into a vamp and begins to fear that he can't get too close to Sakura or Naruto without wanting to bite them.

'naruto' group-2 and a half years later.
2 1/2 years changes people.I mean,come on,doesn't Sasuke look like he should be on Samarai Champloo?