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I love the Oilers!!

Oilers rock!!
Oilers logo

I am a very big hockey (oilers) fan. Not too common in girls, I know, but I don't care. The Edmonton Oilers are my favorite hockey team. ^_^ Here I am going to keep an updated log about the Oilers' progression in the Postseason, along with some pics and facts.



Sergei Samsonov


Sergei Samsonov is my favorite player. He is really cool.


He is #12, and plays the left wing position. He is 5 ' 8, weighs 194 lbs., shoots right, was born Oct 27, 1978 - Moscow, USSR, and was drafted in 1997 - 1st round (8th overall) by the Boston Bruins. ( His picture is in the upper-left corner of the website. However, in the picture he is in a Boston Bruins outfit. )



Offseason update: Sergei Samsonov signed a 2-year deal with the Montreal Canadiens! Wahhh! He was an Oiler! And he was good! Grrr...

The Oilers are in the Stanley Cup! They are facing the Carolina Hurricanes. I know they can win!
6/5- Oilers lose 5-4...
6/7- Oilers lose 5-0....but I believe they can still win!
6/10 - Oilers win 2-1!
6/12 - Oilers lose 2-1...
6/14 - Oilers win 5-4 in OT!
6/17 - Oilers won, but I forget the score. Heh heh.
6/19 - Oilers lose the Stanley Cup to the Hurricanes...